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Our Time Will Come (2017) WEB-DL Subtitle Indonesia

Our Time Will Come (2017) WEB-DL Subtitle Indonesia

Genre: .War, 2017
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Information :

Director: Ann Hui
Screenwriter: He Jieping
Starring: Zhou Xun / Peng Yuhuan / Ye Dexian / Guo Tao / spring and summer / Huang Zhizhong / Jiang Wenli / Liang Jiahui / Wang Wanzhi / Lv Liangwei / Bao Jijing / Li Canson / Liang Wendao / Zhang Zhaohui / Feng Qunfan / Yuan Qiongdan / / Liao Junxiong / He Huachao / Cai Hanyi / Ou Jintang / Xiong Xunxin / Wu Deli
Type: Drama / History / War
Production Country / Region: Mainland China
Language: Mandarin Chinese
Release Date: 2017-07-01 (China) / 2017-06-18 (Shanghai Film Festival)
Length: 133 minutes

Sinopsis :

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The story took place in Hong Kong in the 1940s, the young girl Fang Lan (Zhou Xun ornaments) and the mother (Ye Dexian ornaments) live a life of life, the two will be the second floor of the house rented to the writer Mao Dun (Guo Tao ornaments) and his wife Germany 沚 (Jiang Wenli decoration). Fang Lan is very love of contradictory text, in which feel the fiery revolutionary enthusiasm and surging national integrity, but for the turbulence around the current situation and the tense political atmosphere, Fang Lan know little about Liu Jinjin (Peng Yuyan ornaments) is a progressive young man with a healthy hand, commissioned by the organization, he is responsible for escorting a number of important literati in Hong Kong to return to the mainland, Mao Dun family will be on the list. In the mistakenly hit, Fang Lan was involved in this dangerous action, and in Liu Jinjin’s advice and encouragement, joined the revolutionary team, the mother and daughter were involved in the history of the two Of the rolling torrents.


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